Decorative painting has continued to be popular throughout the ages, in part because people are attracted to the simplicity of changing a faux finish.  It can be easily painted over compared with the hassle of removing wallpaper, and unlike wallpaper, each project is customized to your exact specifications and colors. In general, there are two major materials/processes used. Glaze work involves using a translucent mixture of paint and glaze applied with a brush, roller, rag, sponge, cheesecloth, or specific tool, and often mimics textures, but it is quite smooth to the touch. Plaster work can be done with tinted plasters, or washed over with earth pigments, and is generally applied with a trowel or spatula.

The finished result can be either flat to the touch or textured. There are combinations of products and techniques that can imitate suede, leather, silk, denim, and nearly any texture that you can imagine!