About the artist:

Jennifer Serrano  started her decorative painting in 1997.  Her first commissioned work was for a Vacation Bible School at her church in Warrensburg, MO, where they asked her to decorate 8 different rooms in 8 different themes with the whopping budget of $100! The least expensive way she could think to transform a room was to wrap it in paper and start painting murals.  The murals were so popular that teachers, doctor’s offices, and homeowners were all requesting Jennifer to come to their places of business and homes and paint for them as well.  That’s when she decided to start up her business called Jennifer’s Creative Painting.  After seeing her work, a company named Affordable Faux found her and hired her to work with them, and Jennifer began to learn about the art of faux finishing. 

In 2006, Jennifer and her family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where she decided to expand her knowledge in decorative finishing.  She changed her company name to jenniFaux! and went on a quest to learn more about the types of materials and products that were available.  She was fortunate enough to study under many reputable, world-known teachers and artists, including: Pierre Finkelstein, Gary Lord, Andre Martinez, Melanie Royals, Cynthia Davis, Kathy Carroll, Rebecca Slayton,  Sheri Zeman, Deb Drager, Donna Phelps, Allison Wooley, Mike & Micki Coles to name a few. 

Her work has been featured on the cover of the International Decorative Artist’s League magazine, as well as features in Charlotte Living Today Magazine. She has done work for tv shows such as ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” in Charlotte, and has made several appearances on national public television shows such as “For Your Home” with Vicki Payne on CreateTV.  Jennifer was recently asked to join a group of artists and travel to Italy to work on a 600 year old villa in the Belluno mountains. She is also a member of IDAL (International Decorative Artist’s League) as well as the current secretary on the board of her local chapter of DAC (Decorative Artists of the Carolinas).

Jennifer adapts the expression, “Good is the enemy of GREAT” into each piece of work she undertakes.  She is always on a mission to try new products and invent new techniques so that each commissioned work is an original. Her desire to be creative and her careful attention to detail are what make her work stand out from the rest!